Snake River Prototyping “Announces” Red Filter for GoPro Dive Housing


Could this be it? Probably not.

ScubaBoard member AquaProHD reports that he’s received official word on a slip-over red filter for the official GoPro dive housing coming soon from Snake River Prototyping (SRP).

Already an established name in the compact underwater videography industry, SRP makes the popular Blurfix housing that was one of the original flat port housings that corrected for the underwater blur issue found in stock GoPro housings.

Not only will this new slip over red filter work on the GoPro dive housing, but it will also work with the SRP Blurfix housing and other camera housings, making it an incredible versatile accessory.

From the source at SRP:

What I can say is, it’s the quality you expect from SRP and URPro! Like I have said in the past, if it isn’t something new, exciting, and of high quality, than we won’t make it! Obviously I can not share any pictures, nor commit to a release date at this time, more details coming soon…

It’s definitely an exciting time in compact underwater video!

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