GoPro Dive Housing Available for Pre Order

Good news came this weekend! The official GoPro Dive Housing with flat port is now available for pre order.

One of the biggest complaints from users utilizing the GoPro cameras for underwater video has been significant amounts of blur underwater. This is due to the dome port design of the standard housing.

The new Dive Housing fixes this problem by using a flat port like many of the aftermarket housings available. Waterproof to 197’/60m and costing only $49.99 before shipping, this option from GoPro should be popular for anyone looking to get into a compact underwater video camera.

Details are a bit limited at this point, but based on the above picture showing the lens protector, it stands to reason that eventually additional lenses may be available for this housing, either direct from GoPro or from a third party manufacturer.

Based on our experiments, if you order now you should expect to have your GoPro Dive Housing within just a few days with their website claiming an estimated shipping date of May 17.

Are you going to order a GoPro Dive Housing?

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  1. Tay GiapHong says:

    when is Go Pro going to release the Hero 3 underwater housing?

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